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Group High Performance Coaching

A great pre-cursor to our one-on-one program. We can accommodate a live virtual lecture format, or in person. This product is customizable.


Motivational Presentations

James delivers powerful and passionate presentations on topics in the areas of human motivation and personal growth. 

Individual High Performance Coaching

We live an optimized life when we are consistently exceeding our standard norms over the long term while building strong and vibrant relationships. Let us help you to instill keystone habits that will serve you in perpetuity.

Principal | Life Engine Optimizer | Fascinated by Human Nature | Master of Communication | Leader

James Kawski taps into a vast spectrum of life experience to effect transitional change and spark a deep commitment to personal growth in others. He has built a 33 career in High Tech serving in numerous positions from Engineer to CEO. Nearly two years ago, he began his journey toward structured High Performance study and growth. Along the way, he left the corporate life behind and earned a Certification as a High Performance Coach. Today he coaches individual clients and leads workshops from California to his home in Magnolia, Massachusetts.


In addition to his success in tech, Jim is an artist in a variety of mediums. He is a woodworker, performing musician and actor.

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