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Life Engine Optimization


Living into your highest self. Realizing your most significant potential. Consistently exceeding your standard norms. Making it happen.

Create a high-performance mindset that will help you achieve more in less time.




There are common themes to all of the people I've worked with; They've reached a point in their lives where they feel stuck. They know there is so much more to what they can achieve, but they are at a loss as to how.  

I know the importance of big aspirations, living your dream, and success. All of these are on your mind, a lot! Also, I've come to learn the critical nature of personal well-being and relationship health. Both of these life arenas have infinite dimensions. All told, this big complicated dynamic of your life holds incredible promise for life-long fulfillment, ever-increasing levels of joy, and full engagement. 

 It's time to hit reset on your mindset!

 I learned how to balance all areas of my life by re-establishing a new foundation of Clarity. It sounds simple, and it is, but for all of us, it's not clear how to ACTIVATE the inner drives that accelerate our growth. 

 I've been working with a group of clients for three years now, and I've seen first-hand the power of coaching with the High-Performance framework. High-Performance Coaching is a well-established, deeply researched, time-tested, and validated program. Annual surveys from thousands of clients routinely give HPC a 94-96% satisfaction rate. Wouldn't you like to know if HPC will work for you? You can, with no obligation, and get a ton of value at no cost. Just schedule a 30-minute discovery session below. Let's talk about what you want. We will follow that up with a full-hour strategy session, again at no cost. You can't find a better bargain than that, anywhere! But move quickly; our calendar is filling up fast!

Which program is right for you?

A high-performance approach that gets you the results you want.


Executive High-Performance Coaching Program

You want to achieve maximum results, and you have got a lot of irons in the fire. Perhaps you feel you've lost your edge, but you know there is more to accomplish, much more. Let's get some clarity and focus back and be highly selective with your time and get you the drive you need to crush all of your goals, personal and professional. Yes, this is a holistic approach we take at HigherARC. We focus on the whole of you.



Director High-Performance Coaching Program

You have the desire, and now you need the plan. Your big ideas need fertile ground to grow, but where to start? You actually do have all the answers. But common sense isn't always common practice. High-Performance coaching is the key that unlocks your potential in work, life, mind, and body. We are more than our "to do" lists. We are a complex whole being, and this reality demands we employ a holistic approach to growth. 



High-Performance Mastermind

Imagine a cohort of like-minded souls who are as interested in helping you to grow as they build upon their own personal growth. This is what HighARC HP Masterminds are all about. We leverage the well-established HP frameworks, in development for over 20 years and recognized as the world's highest-rated coaching program. Through structured trainings, group coaching interactions and one-on-one drill down breakout sessions, you will build camaraderie, challenge and be challenged, gain actionable clarity and develop ever-improving congruence with what you value. 



CHPC Executive Coaching & Team Building

With so much on the line, the strongest companies ensure their leadership teams are equipped with technical skills, managerial skills, company-specific protocols, and most importantly, skills to inspire, motivate, and coach their teams.

Certified High-Performance Coaching both offers and augments leadership training to develop relationship skills proven to enhance leadership effectiveness. It is a proven, highly effective framework that elevates teams through accelerated individual growth.



Principal, Leader, Life Engine Optimizer, Master of Communication,  Fascinated by Human Nature

James Kawski taps into a vast spectrum of life experiences to affect transitional change and spark a deep commitment to personal growth in others. He built a 33-year career in High Tech, serving in numerous positions from Engineer to CEO. Nearly two years ago, he began his journey toward structured High-Performance study and growth. Along the way, he left corporate life behind and earned a Certification as a High-Performance Coach. Today he coaches individual clients and leads workshops from California to his home in Swampscott, Massachusetts.

In addition to his success in tech, Jim is an artist in a variety of mediums. He is a woodworker, performing musician, and actor. 


Success Stories

Happy Clients' Feedback

Our clients' success speaks volumes.

After the coronavirus affected my business, James took special time out of his schedule and made sure he connected with me. James is not just my coach but also my sounding board for all my thoughts. James has gone out of his way to help me.

 He applied the high-performance coaching framework in my personal life and my business life. His teaching is straight to the point, unambiguous, and concise. His lessons are well thought out and highly professional.

If you decide to work with him, keep in mind that he will push you to grow.

James is a great human and really one of the most excellent guys I have ever known. James is not just my coach; he is my friend and a role model. I definitely recommend him to you as your coach.



Jim is a man of integrity, compassion, and service. His high-performance coaching results helped me create a personal operating framework that is easy to follow and improved my overall effectiveness and quality of life. He is loyal to his clients, truly cares about their livelihood and success, and backs up his words with meaningful action. Jim is an absolute pleasure to know and work with! 



Jim is a dedicated coach and a student about many topics related to coaching and high performance. This allows Jim to pull in a wide range of insights that make the coaching experience even more insightful and valuable. Besides having a significant impact as a coach, Jim is fun to work with and always leaves me reflecting on my personal growth and commitments to change.


Executive VP


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